Friedrichs Photography: Blog en-us (C) Friedrichs Photography, LLC (Friedrichs Photography) Tue, 15 Jun 2021 01:08:00 GMT Tue, 15 Jun 2021 01:08:00 GMT Friedrichs Photography: Blog 120 80 Client Gallery Gallery Options. When talking with clients, I get asked how the client galleries work and what options I offer to my customers. There are a couple options to choose from. 

Open Gallery: No password, anyone can order downloads or prints. This type works best for special events, sporting events, and events I just happen to be at taking pictures and making available to the general public. 

Visible Gallery: This tends to work best for sharing with friends and family, they can find your page easily, but you have to provide them the password to have access to the full gallery and to order prints/downloads. 

Hidden Gallery: Only you have the link and the password. You can still share it with anyone, but it is not publicly visible on the site. 

Each gallery type provides options to my customers and how they want their pictures delivered to them. The included package downloads come via a one-time use coupon code that will discount the digital downloads by the appropriate package amount. Example: 5 digital downloads are $100, so the coupon code would apply a $100 credit towards those downloads. This allows you to share the gallery with friends and family, and you can take your time trying to narrow down which pictures you want to download or print. -Chris


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Pricing Pricing. This is a common question I get asked. When my wife and I talked about putting together this business, the discussion on pricing was a big topic. Are we the cheapest, likely not, are we the most expensive, certainly not, but we tried to price things at a cost we’d feel comfortable paying ourselves. I lay out the costs as simple as possible. You pay a flat fee up front for the photo session, which includes some free digital downloads (royalty-free non-commercial use) depending on how long a session you book. If you do nothing else, that’s it, you can download your free images and post them on social sites or print them at your favorite lab. But, if you get in your gallery and decide you want to purchase some prints, we have that option available. There is no minimum order, you can come back at any time to order more, and there are all sorts of options to choose from… metal prints, coffee mugs, large framed pictures, or maybe you just want 1 - 4”x6” picture, you choose. I enjoy photography and want to keep shooting long into the future, but more importantly I want others to have those photographic memories of events in their lives to look back on or share with their future generations. -Chris


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